Maria Tarsitano joins Rosenberg & Parker of Canada

December 21, 2018 - Surety 101

Rosenberg & Parker of Canada, Inc. is pleased to announce that Maria Tarsitano has joined our team effective December 3, 2018. Maria has over 25 years of surety practice and real estate financing experience. Her knowledge of contract surety principles enables Maria to customize bonding solutions to fulfill client needs while exercising care and diligence throughout the process.

Rosenberg & Parker is one of the largest surety-only brokers in the world with multiple generations of leadership and experience. We manage the surety programs for some of the largest corporations worldwide in a diverse range of industries including construction, energy, transportation, health care, pharmaceutical, utility, real estate and many more. Our vision is clear, and it’s PURE surety.

Rosenberg & Parker of Canada, Inc.