Why P3 projects are gaining popularity?

September 5, 2017 - Surety 101

I think that P3 projects are gaining in popularity because of the infrastructure deficit that we are experiencing in many countries. And the governments don’t have the budget money to fix the infrastructure. I mean, I’ve heard estimates of billions and billions of infrastructure work that needs to be done over the next few years.
What is needed for the P3 model to flourish?
I think for the P3 model to flourish we need to see a steady pipeline of projects. The procurement process has to be efficient. The has to be a number of financing options available in the market place and there has to be government buy in. The political climate has to support the P3 model.
What kind of projects can be done using the P3 model?
The P3 model has been used for many different kinds of projects. It has been used for highways, for bridges, waste water treatment plants, hospitals, prisons, the list is endless.

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